Hero Forge Training & Fitness can work with clients to reach any fitness goal, but we do have a few specialties we thoroughly enjoy.

Train Like a Superhero (#CosplayFitness)

Cosplay and superheros are some of the reasons we got into fitness. We still dream of the day when we, too, can curl a helicopter to keep our brainwashed BFF from flying away. Until then, we’ll keep hitting the iron.

Our Train Like a Superhero programs are perfect for comic geeks, gamer nerds, cosplayers and the like who are looking for a little thematic-flare to get them through the workouts. Whether you want to become Doritos-shaped like Captain America, smash like the Hulk, become as powerful as Wonder Woman, strong like Captain Marvel, or fast like the Flash, we have fitness programs for you.

And we don’t stop just superheros. We also create fantasy and game-inspired workouts. Just pick your flavor and we can get the ball rolling.

Become your own hero by training like one.

Swordfighter Strength & Conditioning

One of our favorite non-gym activities is studying and practicing historical swordsmanship. That’s why we’re dedicated to training fighters of all styles, ages & skill levels to become better fighters by becoming better athletes.

We work with swordfighters to improve their overall strength, balance, conditioning, and power with a progressive mix of resistance training, SAQ drills, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and plyometrics.

Swordfighting is a total body game, so we put our swordfighters through total body workouts, but special attention is put on aspects of the body that have the biggest impact in a fight. These programs are perfect for fighters in HEMA and the SCA, but can also greatly benefit Olympic fencers looking to boost their game.

Nerd Lifestyle

We know life can get pretty busy. Work. Family. Night classes. The dog getting loose again. You got a lot on your plate. You want to get healthier but still be able relax and enjoy killing some pixels on your XBox or hoarding all the valuable resources from friends during your favorite board game. We’ve all been there.

Our nerd lifestyle programs are perfect for nerds and geeks looking to improve their overall health and quality of life but have limited time. These programs are well-rounded and made to improve your endurance, strength, and coordination. They are designed to be done in your local gym or at home with minimal equipment.

Get in the best shape of your life and never miss a raid.