Everyone’s goal is different.

For some, it’s putting on muscle volume. For others, it’s burning fat. For others still, it’s improving athleticism, run a 5K, or just to get healthier for a better and longer life.

No goal is better than another. The only goals that matter are yours.

Regardless of what your goals are, Hero Forge Training & Fitness can act as your guide. We offer three ways of getting you to Goal City.

1:1 Personal Training

It’s dangerous to go alone! Not really, but you can still lean on our expertise to hit all your fitness goals. Personal training is perfect for all fitness levels and for any fitness goal. It starts off with a fitness evaluation to see where you’re at, followed by a detailed roadmap on how we’ll get you there.

Personal training have a lot of benefits versus going solo, including having a trusty sidekick to motivate and commiserate with you, custom battleplans to reach your goals faster, instruction to increase efficacy and decrease risk of injury, and the ability to change workouts on the fly.

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Custom Fitness Programs & Online Coaching

If you live too far for personal training or prefer working out solo, our custom fitness programs are the next best thing.

Each custom programs are expertly tailored to your individual fitness goals & needs. We take into account your goals & lifestyle, current health & fitness level, exercise likes & dislikes, how often you can workout, and what equipment you have access to (among other metrics). It means you have a personalized roadmap that’ll get you to where you want to be without any filler or fluffer.

Custom fitness programs are available in 4-, 8-, and 12-week splits. Along with your workouts, each custom program includes detailed explanations on how your program will get you to your goals, links to exercise examples, nutritional & diet information to match your meals to your workouts, regular check-ins & other online coaching benefits.

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Thematic Workout Programs

Thematic workout programs make working out fun again. Get workout plans to turn yourself into a super soldier, a warrior princess, a shadowy rogue or a tricky speedster. Each workout theme is aligned with a specific fitness goal, so you can choose my goal or by thematic flavor.

Each thematic workout program is 12-weeks long and is broken up into multiple phases and different fitness levels, so anyone from Level 0 - 20 can challenge themselves, level up, and get those sweet, sweet gains.

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