Train to Stop a Thanos Punch!


Train to Stop a Thanos Punch!

Captain America Workout (Infinity War)

Muscle Group:

Shoulders, Chest


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Dumbbells, Barbell

Unless you've gotten a hold of the super soldier serum, you're probably not strong enough to stop a Thanos punch. Don't feel bad. Neither are we. But that doesn't mean we can't train to be Captain America strong.

To stop Thanos's punch, we're gonna need a strong total body. We're talking upper body, core, legs. But for this routine we're just going to concentrate on the upper body, specifically the deltoids and pectorals. This is a simple routine that'll have your delts burning and pecs pumping. All you need is a set of dumbbells, a bench and a barbell.

Workout Details


4 sets x 12/10/8/6 reps

The shoulder press will have your anterior deltoid (front part of your shoulder) tired right off the bat, so they'll be less likely to take over when you do the chest presses.

If we look at the clip again, Cap is definitely pushing back against Thanos with his arms at a bit of an incline, meaning he's utilizing his upper chest along with his shoulders.

We like to to these with a twist of the dumbbell at the top of the lift, giving the movement a little more chest adduction for greater muscle development.

Keep the tempo slow on the eccentric portion of the lift (aka the lowering of the weight).

Do each exercise before taking a 60-90 second break. Repeat for four total sets, increasing the weight and lowering the reps with each set.


4 sets x 8 reps

If you don't have a landmine setup, you can just stick a barbell into the corner for the same effect.

Take a staggered stance for a stronger foundation. Start with your weaker shoulder for 8 reps and then do another 8 reps with your other arm.

Do this exercise on a slight incline. Keep the dumbbells touching through the entire lift.

Make sure to keep your chest muscle contracted (aka squeezed) as much as possible. If you're having trouble, think of trying to touch your elbows together as you drive the weight up.

Do each exercise before taking a 60-90 second break. Repeat for four total sets for another 8 reps.

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