About Hero Forge Training & Fitness

HERO FORGE TRAINING & FITNESS is a nerd fitness & lifestyle company, focusing on helping people reach their fitness goals. Whether it's #CosplayFitness, to live an active & healthy geek-filled life, or improve your historical swordsmanship, Hero Forge Training has a program for you. Hero Forge Training offers both thematic workout programming and custom fitness programs tailored to individual’s needs.

Hero Forge Training & Fitness strives to be a body-positive and inclusive fitness environment, accepting, allying and working with people of all binary and non-binary genders, sexual orientations, races, creeds, and backgrounds.

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About Justin

JUSTIN AUCOIN is a NASM-certified personal trainer, a student of historical swordsmanship, and an avid cosplayer operating out of the Boston-area. When not at the gym, he fences with the Society for Creative Anachronism, writes historical adventure novels, and enjoys playing as his Tiefling Shadow Monk named Shade (and no, no one's thrown him... yet.). He’s dedicated to working with clients one-on-one in person and coaching online to hit all fitness goals.

Follow his Instagram or Facebook page for more of his personal adventures and photo shoots.

Our Specialities


Become Your Own Hero

Want to transform yourself into Captain America or Wonder Woman? How about Captain Marvel or the Flash? Maybe you’re more of a Mei or Master Chief person. Whoever your preferred hero is, we have superhero, gamer, and fantasy-themed workout programs for all experience levels. 


Improve Your Athleticism

If you want to become a better swordfighter, it helps to train like an athlete. We train historical swordsfighters & swashbucklers to improve their strength, speed, power, coordination and endurance. Perfect for HEMA and SCA combatants. Also an excellent choice for Olympic fencers looking to up their game.

Nerd Lifestyle

Get Fit & Never Miss a Raid

Our lifestyle programs are perfect for nerds & geeks looking to improve their health and quality of life. These are well-rounded programs that’ll improve your endurance, strength & athleticism with limited time during the week. Get into the best shape of your life and still have time for the weekly raid.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do! We love working closely with clients to create custom workout programs tailored to their individual fitness goals. We take into account your current fitness level, your goals, likes/dislikes, equipment available to you, and how much time you can dedicate to training (among other metrics). You also get online coaching and regular check-ins during your program duration as part of the package.

Learn more about our custom workout programming.

Nope! Superhero workouts is just how we got into fitness ourselves. We blame Evans, Hemsworth and Jackman. While creating superhero-themed workouts makes for some fun flavoring to the programs, we can create programs to match any fitness goal you have in mind. Be it to put on muscle size, burn fat, run a marathon, become a better fencer, or just get off the couch & moving, we can help you get there.
Hero Forge Training & Fitness is designed to work with all fitness levels. Our custom workout programs are tailored to your current fitness level and individual goals, and our "generic" programs are scaled to different experience levels, so it doesn't matter if you've a gym veteran lifting 300+ pounds or a newbie lifting three. 
We do, though, our current time availability is limited. We operate in the Boston, MA area. If you're interested in one-on-one personal training, find out more here. If you're not in the Boston-area, we can still help you hit your goals via custom workout programs and online coach.
A certified personal trainer isn't your average gym-bro using faux-"bro science" in fitness pursuits. Certified personal trainers trained through a fitness education program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) -- aka, they're legit. They use evidence-backed science to create exercise programs and coach, guide & motivate clients into reaching their goals. Re-certification must happen every two years, and continued education is a must.
Yep! Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we're more than happy to work with long-distance clients. Our online coaching programs can be customized to your wants & needs, but in general you'll get regular check-ins, help dialing in your nutrition, motivation & support, and custom workouts.

Learn more about our online coaching.

Sadly, no. We operate out of Massachusetts which only allows licensed nutritionists and dietitians to create meal plans. We can, however, provide you with in-depth sports nutritional knowledge, including: macro & mico-nutrient information and sample shopping lists, and provide you the tools you need to match your kitchen goals to your gym goals.