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Program Specialties

Train Like a Superhero

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Want to transform yourself into Captain America or Wonder Woman? How about Captain Marvel or the Flash? Maybe you’re more of a Mei or Master Chief person. Whoever your preferred hero is, we have superhero, gamer, and fantasy-themed workout programs for all experience levels. Have fun & add a little thematic-flair to your programming.

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Swordfighter Fitness

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  • hero-forge-training-rapier-squat

If you want to become a better swordfighter, it helps to train like an athlete. We train historical swordsfighters & swashbucklers to improve their strength, speed, power, coordination and endurance. Perfect for HEMA and SCA combatants. Also an excellent choice for Olympic fencers looking to up their game.

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Nerd Lifestyle

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Our #nerdfit programs are perfect for nerds looking to improve their health & quality of life. These are well-rounded programs that’ll improve your general health, including endurance, strength & athleticism with limited time during the week. Get into the best shape of your life & still have time for the weekly raid.

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Train to Stop a Thanos Punch!
Train to Stop a Thanos Punch!


Muscle Group:

Shoulders, Chest

Unless you've gotten a hold of the super soldier serum, you're probably not strong enough to stop a Thanos punch. Don't feel bad. Neither...